Hello and welcome to mINdsLiDe let me introduce myself I'm howie .Was born in new york city where i started to learn how to play an instrument which later in life now play several instruments , I first started learning a violin when I was about 7 yrs old which i still play today ,while growing up i got into guitar, bass guitar , keyboards an so on played in many bands my first ever band was called Tear that was a cool band it was made up of  some good friends of mine we put together the band we did pretty good , after that it just took off  some of the other bands i formed was Outrage, thee  resurrection,the savage nomads, emanon,Racin Time, twist of fate, Doxology, and sadist. Which were all dam good bands featuring some great musicians. Now I am doing mINdsLiDe. Which I just write whatever i feel creating songs  not trying to be a rock star i do this cause i enjoy it , sometimes I work with other musicians and we collaborate on songs as well, so this is what mINdLiDe is about music from musical minds , a slide of everyone's thoughts, so hope you  enjoy the music  and thanx 4 ur support and please feel free to join my mailing list